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T3h l3371n470rr

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FRIENDS ONLY BEEYOTCHES. >O [Oct. 28th, 2004|08:19 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |So Cold~Breaking Benjamin]

If you would like to be added to my friends list, to hear my pointless rants and raves and possibly get lovin and fanartage, please comment and have at least 2 things in common with me, or be awesome. Or Batman.
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u_u; [Sep. 18th, 2004|09:18 am]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Dare you to move~Switchfoot]

Kt's recent LJ post. Mm...was very odd. I'm hoping she was just giddy. ^^; Sounded like Alek....*whines* I hope not.....

Anyways. On Gaia again! :O Spork and I might do commissions together...which'd be SUPERFLY *dork* ToT Have to save up for OMG hat...so awesome. X3 Anyways. I want to calllll teh Kt but it's way to early so she'd better get on the internet soon. >>;

*sigh* I need to find a good RP post on Gaia because I really need to roleplay before I explode....*bounces off*
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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2004|07:15 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |stressedstressed]

Ngh. Mom won't let Kt borrow DDR. I don't want to go to photojournalism tomorrow. I think the teacher hates me. Okay.

So does anyone have any random statements?
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shoppings and talkings [Sep. 10th, 2004|11:49 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |THE WHO.]

So I went out and bought a Kamui plushie ((guy from X)) renamed him Fu, after our favorite guy....X3 Because if his name were to be Kamui I'd feel oblidged to speak to it in Japanese. o.o Haha you can take his clothes off, but his wings are attatched to his shirt. Very realistic there. I also bought a Gir keychain, and The Crow button....could'nt find that Slipknot one for Kt o.o I think they ran out of hers and the one I wanted to get her....got The Vampire Armand, also....The Anime Hut saw my Gir sweatband and asked me if I'd be interested in buying a Gir plushie! I was like 'HELLS YEAH!!!!!!! I've been looking for one!!!! Hot Topic does'nt carry them! Iloveyou1"!1' so I think they're going to get them! goooood I love them.

Mom bought me a Nintendo hoodie....it said something, but I'm drawing a blank on it....=3=; it's OVERSIZED'd and roomy and cozyyyy.

Yeah I'm going to a party. For this band. Ngh. Chase is in it. Chase is pretty dude. I is bringing a camera. *stalker sideglance* NOT STALKING. I just want to draw him...minus the acne.....Then coming home and Als is spending the night and I'm going to join that mysteria High so I can RP with Kt and the other peopleeee as Cerb. :3 And finding Inu-Yasha and seeing if my PS2 will work.....it should after twenty min. of opening and closing and restarting....then we shall fight! FOR THE RIGHT. TO PAAAAAAARTTYYYY actuallymostlikelysleep.

I think Mr. Awesome was hyper when we went to town....he ranted....we discussed Ghostbusters....we stared at Lavalamps....whacked each other with giant stuffed tootsie roll pop pillows...fun. I missed teh internet time with the Kt tho. ; ; I'm so weird, I have to talk to her at least a few minutes or my day is ruined. Yeah, we're that good of friends. -_- I live off her ENERGYYYY *hiss* It's like with Als. If I did'nt get to talk to her like every day ((except for weekends)) I'd explooooode or something. But I'm used to talking to Kt more I guess....eh. *shrugguuuus* Okays nows. *waddles off to watch more CSI, .hack, and then read more of Armand*
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'scuse me [Sep. 6th, 2004|07:43 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |coldcold]
[music |RHCP]

To my deluded mind--

I am unsure why, that on a constant, three times a day estimate, you make me conjure up these ideas in my head that make me worry like mad. Worry that something bad is going to happen. Worry so much that I can't ponder on anything else, do anything else, but sit and wait it out to see what will happen. It makes it quite hard to go on with my normal activities, such as school. Which, I have something else that is troubling me. My constant inability to concentrate in any math related field. =3=; That's just not cool. Doodling tiny pictures of Chibi Cys and Crais and Ezes are not something that I should be doing when determining if something is collinear and or skew. I am in a complete understanding of why I cannot pay attention well in Biology. Ms. Eberly is a BORING old lady. And the class is excrutiatingly easy.

I find myself complaining on the worrying factor too. You make me worry about the most idiotic things. Such as, 'Will I remember in THIRTY MINUTES to bring that card?' Pointless. And agitating. If I would have not found my weekly card in French, I probably would have spent my weekend worrying about what my punishment would be for the alleged 'crime'. Not flippin' sweet.

And also, this must be noted for it has been on my mind all day, I think I have come to a point where I believe the fact that I look back on things I've drawn in distaste is the artist's strive to improve. Something 'perfect' is never so, it can always be better on an art standard. Something could have been lighter, darker, the shadow darker, blended more, that line should have been thicker, and so on. This instinct is very tedious, causing me to redo many a picture, the comic being no exception. Though I have also came to a decision that I will keep the pages. It is just the recent few I'm redoing. They seem rushed, they could be better.

I am also dissappointed with your constant urges to strangle any small child you see. What happened to your love of their innocense and constant admiration of those older than them? Well...I'm guessing it's because they're snivelling little brats who care only for themselves, and are too young to realize how annoying they are.

As a random statement that you have just brought up, many thanks to VH1 for their witty 'Best Week Ever's, 'Best Summer Ever', 'Totally Obsessed', and 'I love the 70's-90's'. Plus thanks to the testosterone filled staff at Spike for airing a CSI marathon.

To bring up some lighter things that have been dwelling in the back of my mind, I must thank you and respect you for coming up with brilliant character designs every so often. Cerb and Cieler, for one example....adorable Eze for another.


FLIPPIN' SWEET. I managed writing that without one single 'XD'. I have acheived new heights today. I have become what I've always wanted to be. IMMA GO GET SOME ICECREAMS NOW.
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-_- [Sep. 6th, 2004|12:05 am]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |sadsad]
[music |Dib ranting courtesy of the TV upstairs]

So....Als could'nt come over, but she will next weekend....I finished throwing together Barb's package, but I've got to pad it since I threw something else in....gonna be a suprise, I donno if she has it or not, but eh. ^^; Aaaaand...Kt is gone and she did'nt send her response so I don't have anything to ponder, giggle and do for hours....so I thought I'd update my LJ.

:O I love meh new icons. Thanks to teh Rakuen_no_Kiba person at the Kakashi fans for makin these, they're lovely :3 The Anbu Kaka-kun in the snow will be my next main one, since Magitek has a snowy default bg. But that'll be a while away, I love this one as my main. >3!

I think I fell asleep in the truck on the way across the mountain to take Brooklyn home today and had a dream about Cy. o.o How come I have normal dreams during the day....well....better dreams during the day, and freaky....big mazemansion multiple copies of the same books given by peoples dreams at night? >.O; Yeah. Can't admit that the Cy one was normal, but it was....nice. Veeeeeery nice. :D

AND OMG. The new epi of Teen Titans ((God I'm such a nerd)) "X" was one of my FAVORITES. Whoever's in the Red X costume I love him and his sassy attitude. 'cuz it was all

Robin: I thought you did'nt like to play the hero.
REDX: Yeah, but I never said I could'nt.

And he's all 'I'm not out to save the town, or be evil, I'm just looking out for number one.' And he's just so flippin' cool. ; ; ((Tho if you did'nt watch the epi. and you're just listening to me rant he sounds like a selfish little asshole, trust me...he's flippin AWESOME.)) They better bring him back in later or something or I'll explode. Who is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??? He better be pritti. I LUFFFFFF HIM. ; ; But the new epis are by far the best....they make me want to draw all...dynamic poses with flips and ducks and jumps and somersaults which I'm going to do...every thing's so fluent....or fluid? And flows and the fighting scenes are so...just....awesome...better than anything in real life....Robin moves like some kinna freaky cat or something, and I find myself becoming more fond of him then I was before. Before I saw him as some horny teenager wearing a skintight bright 'hey look I'm averting your eyes from Batman, WHEE' suit...then in TT I saw him as a fight loving egotistical little weirdo, but now after Slade's gone, he's pretty cool....Beast Boy is still my all time fav tho. He's just....lovable. ; ; *squeezes him*

And Faust VIII is the best Shaman King character. If you deny it you will be eaten by my fangirl urges. Which sounds so dirty. But yeah....Eliza is definately his wife/girlfriend/loverrrr from before, but got shot in the head and when he could'nt bring her back he became a necromancer....And as I told Kt, if Yoh comes from behind and kicks his ass I'm going to be anti-yoh. Because they left off with him losing almost all of his mana....and Faust is bringing out Eliza....And if anyone knows what will happen...don't tell meee!! D: The more suspense the better I guess.

I also like the.....Sa-somethingguy in One Peice...with the curly eyebrows and the sexy hair....I'm guessing he becomes their cook....he's awesome. o.o

Okay I'd better get to bed. Tomorrow will be devoted to rest, piccus drawings, and homeworks. ; ; Luff teh labor daaaay.
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funff! [Sep. 4th, 2004|08:39 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Somebody told me~The Killers]

CURSES. *scribbles* The one comic page I finished was hurried at the beginning...from a while back....when I was being stupid....so I'm redoing that page. After I draw me some Ezes and Crais, of course.

Umff. Is anyone going to enter the contest at the oekaki? It's depressing....I need to find more people....And sorry about your bday pressie spork, it's still waiting to be scanned....I drew you Eze since you said he was cute and you liked him. :3

*dances* I like that song. So Cold. By Breaking Benjamin. But me and Als can't figure out if the guy being drowned in the video is the lead singer or not. I love watching the guys tongue ring. It makes you realize how much someone's tongue moves when they sing.

Oh god I'm so weird.

Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by
kindness. Polite and
soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive.
Active mind. Hesitating, tends
to delay. Choosy and always wants the best.
Temperamental. Funny and
humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills.
Talkative. Daydreamer.
Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able
to show character. Easily
hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up.
Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom
shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt.
Brand conscious. Executive.

What does your birth month say about you?
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Mnarf. [Aug. 28th, 2004|08:32 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |soresore]
[music |Modest Mouse]

So....I did'nt get around to responding to the RP for Kt last night....and because of the cards for French I doubt I'll get it done....meh.

Last night everyone was upset about what Nat said...still believing his dog was'nt hellspawned an' attacked peoples....so mom ran out of the house....I was really scared and cried for the longest time....so that gave me very little time to be writing...I was then so tired and my eyes were so sore I just fell asleep....and today I woke up, watched the epi of Teen Titans I missed and then Jordan came over and gave me a huge headache....my eyes are still sore from yesterday...Then to just get a break I read The Vampire Armand for a couple of hours...I 'unno....seems better than The Vampire Lestat, tho Marius' story in that one was nifty....in my opinion...but yeah, then it was six and I came downstairs, tried to call Kt twice and then Als called and we watched music videos and discussed the hot guy at school and how he looked before when we never noticed him....he looked funky before....

Yeah, cards for French...they're for a participation thing, we make fifty with something about ourselves on it and then every time we answer a question we give her one. But mine I'm making cards out of, and drawing peoples on them....Drawing and inking for now and then after she sees they're finished I'm going to take them back home and give them a quick color and shading job and then they'll be done....*emos* ; ; I miss teh Kt and I miss teh RPing but I really need to get the homework done first....French teacher is really strict about homework...no lateness accepted, and these will take a while...I'll probably finish up the queens, kings, jacks and aces tonight...and then do the numbers ((chibi peoples if I can, numbers if not)) tomorrow....they'll be cooler than your momma!

Um yea. Had a moment there. But anyways, I'm actually getting more art done now that school has started. Because I'm in class and like, "mhm...bored....must draw *whips out pencil and pen*" That's what announcements and lame videos and assemblys are for, yes?...makes me miss the lame freshmen activities, that'd give me more time to draw....I'm going to see if I still have to go to that picnic tomorrow since I just realized I have alot of cardsness to do...and that picnic'll probably suck the day away....meh....

Ah well, off I go! *flies off*


Which Hisoka are you?
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You are the Black Rabbit of Inle! Oooo, spooky!

Which Watership Down Character are You?
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You are Purple
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

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....=3=; purple likes me....always gets it..
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Mrarhar [Aug. 26th, 2004|03:57 pm]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |rushedrushed]
[music |By The Way~Red Hot Chili Peppers]

Spork-I gots your bday pic, gotta scan it up when I run over to Kt's house.

Anyways. ^^; Mrawr. Renamed Squee to Pip. Turns out I've got to tame him since he's not used to being handled.....much fun....XP I needs a new icon....hm. Crap gotta run. Small update.
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dootdoot [Aug. 23rd, 2004|12:08 am]
T3h l3371n470rr
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Dead Quote Olympics~The Hives]

Went....very far, and got a hamsterrr! *flails like mad* A dwarf teddy bear hamster, so it's cute and fluffy and likes to roll into a little ball when it sleeps and run in its wheel and rargh >.O But meh neice was like 'rar must hold' and kept picking it up by it's butt and skin and I thought she was going to crush it....DX But it's fine and asleep now. I named it Squee. :o After my purple kangaroo rat character and the Jhonen character. Plus it's so fluffy and adorable Squee is a perfect name.

So I just had an idea for a picture of Si n Sae...or Si n Cieler....or! :O! Cerb an' Cieler...I need to draw them together, I have'nt yet...see, since no one knows about Si or Sae...Si is an angel/elf...long story...I think her full name is Siroarin or something like that...can't remember without her charrie sheet X3;...her hair has two blonde streaks in the front, and the rest she dyed black since she hates her hair color....Her wings can be pulled into her back, like most of my charries, so Sae ((the dude who's hunting down Cieler with her, he's a demon and Kt thinks he's frikkin hot...must draw him sometime...with Si prolli)) does'nt know she's an angel/elf...but she can converse with spirits and such, so she finds out about Cieler through those who have seen him and hear him insanely ranting to himself at times. So Si and Sae work for this guy name Tyrrani. ((said Tyr-rahn-ee X3;)) Nickname is Tyr. He works at this research place and they want to find out where Cieler came from so they send them, since they're bounty hunters or wtf ever....and yea...then Cerb shows up after they catch him and decide they don't want to take him back...and explains everything about their past and where they came from...which I like. ^^ This WILL be made into a comic when I get another sketch book, decided to use the one originally for it for...sketching...since I have'nt been able to do that in a while on sketchbookpaper, since I've been using my other one for the CC, which is fuuuun! *flails* Yep. And yeah, at one point, when Cerb explains to Cieler that he needs to give up something in order to control his shadow creature...I'm still deciding how that goes....

ANYWAY. Now that I've ruined half the storyline *cough*....still want to read it? XD;

Yeah....Brooklyn ((my neice)) is staying another night..and everyones just rargh at the moment....she can be a pain, she's spoiled and prissy...it's her mom's fault...*shakes fist* Stupid joint custody thinger....*sigh* I 'unno...school starts...well...tomorrow....umf. *sighuu* Imma lose my soul....French sounds fun, but hard....so I'm a bit worried about it, but luckily it's only french....the cards things...I mean over the summer my knowledge of french has died...so I'm going to have to go through the workbook...I was going to do that this weekend, but the weekend kinda lumped itself together and most of the time I was sleeping >.O;;

*sigh* I hope Kt can get on the internet tomorrow night...her mom is weird....
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